7/5/18 Update.

Changes: Our sport has changed because in term 1 we had a school composition were their was three teams and we competed but now we have a winter tournament and I'm in a football team. I'm in the  B grade in my cashmere tech team.
My persistence for the week was about 6/10. My goal for this week is to score 9/10. I'm going to do this in maths. Whats on top for me. That I'm not getting bulled at school anymore.
End of term reflection.
Highlights: I loved the school fun run because I got to get wet and I got the most runs  in my team and we won.
Challenges: The maths this term was hard when I say hard I mean hard we had 6 tests but I coped.
I'm looking forward next term hopefully the maths isn't to hard!

Waipara Camp.

This obstacle course was very challenging but i made it though and got a very good time, 62 seconds and next year I aim for 52 seconds.

This is my friends washing there dishes because you have to do that at waipara camp.

Our Whakatauki
He moana pukepuke ka ekengia e te whaka.
A choppy sea can be navigated.
This means be persistence in all you are doing and never give up.